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When it seemed no options were left, somehow you were there!

I wanted to thank you personally for sending the oils as quick as you did, my daughter is having less seizures as her daily life is improving. We are blessed you were there when we need help the most; We are also thankful we don’t have to move to Colorado.

Stephen & Marissa Doyle, Hoboken NJ


Oils and Vapes Together

Your menthol CBD Vapes have done wonders for my sanity, the flavor reminds me of my cigarette days. As a PTSD sufferer I have been taking the oil drops morning and evening. Along with my vape pen, I am definitely calmer and feel less anxiety and although you may not understand, less feelings of sorrow and despair…My friends have explained this as the transformation they are seeing on the outside while in my presence and I can only equate it to the use of your CBD products. I hope that this performance continues and am very thankful to have finally listened to those old coots down at the VA telling me about your oils. I’m going to see if I can help some other like me try your products as well.

Thank you,

Christopher Paviors Retired US Army


Water the best Platform!! A++ for Solar Rain!!

We are so excited with this water, my 7-year-old son has been taking the oils and the Solar Rain water is a better intake method for him, I mix a little Kool aid and he is getting the CBD necessary to help with his neuropathy. We also love the cost of the water as it is very cost effective because it’s out of pocket, our insurance won’t cover it. We have been referring our friends to your web site so that they can get their loved ones the supplements they need.

We appreciate your products and hope to be customers for a long time.

Brian Smith, Sarasota Fl.


Hey John, Just a quick note.

I gave the CBD oil to my Grandmother for her arthritis, told her to take a few drops in the morning and at night, she decided to also take some and rub it into her joints, it’s been a week now of her doing this and she proclaims she has less swelling, less joint pain, she says she feels hungrier and is eating more. This is a good thing because she’s too skinny…My mom and I are pleased with the results so far. Grandma says thanks for giving her the Pot juice as she calls it…. sorry; lol, had to tell you.

 Thanks Brother,

Rob, NY, NY


Great Vape! The juicy fruit CBD 100 smells so good I want to eat it!!

I add a little to my nicotine vape and I do feel a change, I think, I suffer from bi-polar disorder and ADHD. I am feeling more focused and less anxiety since vaping your cbd, I am trying the Solar Rain CBD Water next week and will let you know what if anything happens. So far so good.


James T. Carmel, NY.

Great video about CBD taking out The opioid epidemic.

Dr Sanjay Gupta Report.


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